Product sampling and demonstration in real-world consumer situations, your research institute and logo evaluation all in one mobile application.

It is critical for your brand to stay connected to its customers! In exchange for free or discounted products, consumers test your products, provide feedback and contribute to the growth of your brand. A give and take that innovation fans enjoy since it allows them to participate in the dynamics of new products.


Insight Machine

Based on real consumer journeys and the integration of all marketing mix components, you will obtain a comprehensive report providing feedback and verbatims for purchase suggestions, as well as an overall customer satisfaction rating as the ultimate influence.

Product testing

Measure and evaluate your products’ attractiveness and satisfaction with real consumers who test them in real consumption scenarios, having been requested to go through the whole purchasing process and taste or review the product in its own surroundings, ensuring the reality of everyday life.

“Desire to Buy” and Drive-to-Store traffic generating!

The consumer is bound by his purchasing ability, but he acts on the strength of his desire to buy. Treetz piques one’s interest and stimulates one’s hunger. It increases the desire to buy while decreasing the limitation of purchasing capacity. Consumers who are fans of innovation discover products, generate traffic, and accelerate the rotation of your products at a time when your points of sale must exhibit their strength.

Instant dynamic feedback

Publishing and offering your products on treetz mean having a dynamic barometer in real time to stay connected to your consumers and correct or pilot the launch of your innovations and new products.

  • Socio-demographic and behavioral data of the consumers who tested your products
  • Detailed results of the testing of your products in real-life situations
  • Verbatims: what consumers think about your products, in complete transparency and without any filter

A score logo to increase your visibility and boost your sales!

treetz offers you a logo score defined by and for your consumers, which can be used on all your communication and packaging materials.

Your product benefits from increased shelf visibility and you boost your sales thanks to the recommendation of your most loyal customers.

Minimum 120

consumers tested

Dynamic dashboarding


Purchase tracking and reviews

in real-time

Treetz score logo

that can be used on all your media

A qualitative study, online and in real time, with a reduced budget, thanks to the power of digital!

You benefit from the promotion of your innovations and new products on our mobile application, where thousands of consumers eager to discover them will be happy to share their opinions with you, for a competitive price of 2,500 euros per product campaign, excluding endowments (the endowment is the recommended retail price of the product multiplied by the number of products offered).

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a strategy and will oversee the implementation and optimization of your treetz campaign.

  • You determine the number of consumers tested and the amount of discount offered (with a minimum requirement)
  • You track product purchases and evaluations in real time
  • You get access to a dynamic web dashboarding system as well as a category benchmark
  • You receive your treetz score in the form of a logo that you may use across all of your communication channels.


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