When you register with treetz, we may ask you for information that is necessary, appropriate, proportionate and legitimate for the purpose for which it is collected. You will be informed of the purpose of the collection, how we will use your information, whether your request is mandatory or optional, and the possible consequences of not responding.

Personal information we collect:

  • treetz collects certain personal information when you voluntarily provide such information to us, including: name, email address, country, postal address, bank details, PayPal account details. We also collect information when you leave a product review.
  • We collect information from receipts you send us, such as the items you purchased, their price, the total amount due received, the receipt details and the shop issuing the receipt. We also collect a photo of the receipts you send us.
  • We may also collect data from your use of the application, which allows us to determine your location (for example, where you can scan a proof of purchase). This information about your location is collected for fraud prevention purposes, and to operate and improve the app.